With its iOS, Apple is ahead of Android (Google) in the United States, Company news

Half of smartphones in the United States are under iOS, according to CounterPoint Research. Good news for the apple brand, which will soon unveil its iPhone14.



With its iOS, Apple is ahead of Android (Google) in the United States | Photo credit: Apple

Quite a symbol. According to FinancialTimes, which is based on a note from the firm CounterPoint Research, Apple would have exceeded Android, the operating system of Google, to represent 50% of smartphones used in the United States. This is the highest percentage since the launch of the iPhone in 2007.” Operating systems are like religions, there are never significant changes. But for the past four years, the flow has always been directed from Android to iOS.underlines the director of research of Counterpoint, Jeff Fieldhack. It’s an important step [qui pourrait se] replicate in other wealthy countries around the world. »

These figures were calculated from the smartphones used, i.e. the “active installed base”, considered as “ the engine of the company by Apple. This is a broader category than new phone shipments, which fluctuate from quarter to quarter, as it takes into account people brought into Apple’s ecosystem through their old device. or the second-hand market.

This news comes a few days before the launch of the iPhone14. Apple will unveil it on September 7 from headquarters in Cupertino, California. It also demonstrates that Tim Cook’s group continues to occupy such a competitive position, despite criticism that it has lost its capacity for innovation.


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