why G7 taxis have returned their Tesla Model 3s to service

In the wake of the serious accident (at least one dead and twenty seriously injured), involving one of its taxis in Tesla Model 3, which occurred on Saturday December 11 in the XIIIth arrondissement of Paris, the company G7 had decided to suspend the 37 identical vehicles what its fleet was then, the time that the investigation determines the responsibilities and in application of the precautionary principle.

The driver of the vehicle, who was then not in service and transporting his family, indeed assured that the car had packed and that the brake pedal no longer responded.

However, we can see again for a few days Tesla Model 3 of the G7 fleet circulating in Paris, which would seem to mean that the concerns are lifted.

Caradisiac, however, sought to ensure this on the side of G7, which explains that it called on an independent automotive expert, who examined several Model 3s operated by its drivers. Results ? Nothing to report from a technical point of view, but the drivers were required to undergo specific training under the precautionary principle.

Here is an excerpt from the response from the G7:

“While the work of this Expert did not reveal any defect or failure of the vehicle, it did however highlight the fact that the Tesla Model 3 is not a vehicle like the others and that the equipment of this car and the technology on board require, to be perfectly mastered, training which alone can ensure a maximum level of safety. Similarly, it appeared that particular vigilance should be paid to system updates and the need to do so regularly.

Given these different elements and pending the conclusions of the legal inquiry, we have decided that any driver equipped with a Tesla Model 3 vehicle could reconnect to our platform under certain conditions. The drivers had to undergo specific training provided by the automotive expert training organization to enable them to acquire a full understanding of the operation of their vehicle and to ensure that the systems updates were downloaded. This condition was accepted by the drivers concerned who therefore followed this training and were thus able to resume their activities in liaison with G7 as normal recently. »

Of which act. However, one wonders why this training was not imposed on Model S drivers, many at G7, even though the technologies of the two models are almost identical. On the other hand, should we then impose training of this type on the thousands of Tesla Model drivers around the world? No big deal, we understand that the purpose for G7 is to reassure its customers and show that it takes the matter seriously.

Tesla France, contacted by Caradisiac, simply recalled that the initial analysis of the data from the car involved in the accident had not revealed any technical failure.

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