Why does the million-mile Model S man get a Lucid Air?

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Hansjörg Eberhard, the Model S man a million miles away, will trade his Tesla for a Lucid Air for new adventures.

When a car has passed the million kilometers with its sole owner, we can intimately think that the driver is choosing a new model from the brand. But Hansjörg Eberhard, the man in the Model S P85+ with 1.6 million kilometers on the clock, decided to change dairies and buy a Lucid Air.

The reason ? The behavior of the American brand, which he describes as “just shameful”, towards him and in dealing with problems. But it’s not so much the official recognition of his loyalty (Irv Gordon, for example, has become a Volvo ambassador with his P1800 over three million kilometres), as the brand’s apparent difficulties in managing and taking charge of the worries on his car that convinced the driver to change brands.

Will the Lucid Air live up to Hansjörg Eberhard?

Because since 2014, the date of acquisition of his electric sedan, Hansjörg Eberhard has met some of them. According to him, his Model S needs a new engine every 100,000 km on average! Therefore, he says that continuing to drive his Model S would mean that he approves of Tesla’s practices.

This is how he headed to the Lucid Studio in Munich to take a closer look at the Air sedan, which has great technological advances and a lot of attributes to show off. For the moment, no information has been given concerning the model ordered by the bulimic German for roadtrips. It remains to be seen whether the reliability of the Newark sedan will be there. A point which will be quickly brought to light by Hansjörg Eberhard, since he is not the type to change cars so quickly. Durability knows it!

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