why do windows have to be sprayed with vinegar?


  • The tiger mosquito has established itself in 64 departments and is active in 67% of French territory, indicates the Vigilance Moustiques site.
  • The mosquito kills 725,000 people every year.

It’s well known, you don’t catch flies with vinegar… but neither do mosquitoes, since they hate its smell!

While the tiger mosquito in particular, which can transmit Zika, malaria and dengue, is now well established in the territory and is particularly active, white vinegar, a miracle and natural product for the home, is indeed effective in fighting against the mosquitoes that come to us.

From a distance

To do this, simply spray it on the window frames, which will keep many insects at a distance: not only mosquitoes, but also flies and even ticks which abound during hot weather.

It is a repellent that is safe for humans, for the environment and at a lower cost that it is easier to prepare: just dilute white vinegar with water in equal quantities in a bottle fitted with a a sprayer and use it around windows and doors.

natural ways

If the smell of white vinegar bothers you, there are other natural ways to scare away mosquitoes, such as soap when it contains essential oils with repellent properties.

And rather than using polluting aerosol cans or DEET-based chemical and allergen electric mosquito repellent diffusers, you can also use garlic (which mosquitoes hate) or cut a lemon and insert a few cloves before to place it indoors or outdoors.

The onion is also very useful: keeping it sliced ​​in half near the bed or near the window sills will allow you to finally spend a quiet night.

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