Who is Mudge? the whistleblower on the Twitter/Musk folder

Peiter C. Zatko, better known as Mudge is the former chief security officer at Twitter. It is he who has just made startling revelations to the Wall Street Journal to point out the shortcomings of his former organization in terms of security.


These revelations are part of the legal proceedings between Twitter and Elon Musk in the takeover of the social network for some 44 billion dollars. Recall that this procedure was initiated at the request of Twitter following the termination of the operation by the Musk camp.

The reason: Too many fakes on the platform, a lack of information to shed light and an undervalued fake rate according to Musk and which was the subject of a poll on the Twitter account at 103 Million successful entrepreneur followers.

What is Mudge’s background?

In 2010, Mudge accepted a program officer position at DARPA, where he oversaw cybersecurity research. In 2013, Mudge went to work for Google in its Advanced Technology & Projects division. In 2020, he was hired as Head of Security at Twitter.

What is his background at Twitter?

Mr Zatko joined Twitter in 2020 after a teenage hacker broke into the verified accounts of political leaders, but was fired by the company in January.

His position in the organization chart made him interact directly with Parag Agrawal, the platform’s CEO. It is also this same CEO who would have fired him after denouncing serious breaches in cybersecurity.

A fact that the company turns as one of its incompetence in order to discredit any critical allegations that Mr. Zatko might make. He is also declared by Twitter’s lawyers as an opportunist in this case.

Given his past functions, it is obvious that he still appears legitimate and Elon Musk’s lawyers have told CNN that they want to question him on the current case.

It is therefore a personality that will have to be preponderant.

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