Which company collects your personal data the most?

A new study by the company StockApps reveals the different types of personal data collected by the web giants. Which of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Twitter collects the most private information?

When it comes to data collection, not all companies have the same policy. This is revealed by an analysis by StockApps, which highlights the amount of information that tech giants collect from their users.

Google, the bad student, Apple first in the class

The graph presented by the company is unequivocal. Of the five companies analyzed here, Google is well ahead of its competitors when it comes to collecting personal information. Note that this is not the total amount of data, but the different types of data collected, as StockApp clarifies:

Each of these data types focuses on a particular category and not on the total quantity. Google collects more different types of information for each user. The company relies on this data for targeted advertising rather than third-party trackers. »

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The good student is Apple, proof that the company’s efforts in favor of the confidentiality of its users are very real. We remember that the Cupertino giant said that “Privacy is a fundamental human right”. This is due to Apple’s business model which is not primarily based on advertising and therefore does not need as much data. However, there are concerns about the company’s desire to display more advertising on its products in order to increase its advertising revenue…

A surprising point of the study is that Facebook collects only two points more than Apple. StockApps explains it this way:

Twitter and Facebook both log more information than they need. However, with Facebook, most of the data they store is information entered by users.»

A strategy which differs from that of Apple which, according to the study, is “the most privacy-conscious company. Apple only stores the information necessary to manage user accounts. This is because their website is not as reliant on ad revenue as Google, Twitter, and Facebook. »

How to limit the collection of your data by “Big Tech”

StockApps also raises the thorny issue of user location data. For the company behind the study, the biggest concern is that Google “retain specific user locations”.

Because of its importance in linking online and offline consumer profiles, rental data is a hotly debated topic when it comes to data privacy.»

The study recommends using certain apps that will help limit the collection of your information by digital giants. For example, the DuckDuckGo internet browser is mentioned, which could replace Google Chrome for this purpose. If you want to go further, we advise you to consult our complete file which explains how to protect your private data on the internet.

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