What you need to know before Tesla AI Day

Elon Musk, the tech entrepreneur who is worth over $20 billion, revealed the new date for Tesla AI Day in a tweet. The event, which was originally scheduled to take place on August 19, has been postponed for forty days and will now take place on September 30. Asked the reason for the postponement, Musk said the company could have a working prototype of Optimus by then.

A report and announcements

A few days ago, Tesla hosted its annual shareholder meeting, where Elon Musk provided some fascinating insight into the company’s business. He said Tesla aims to produce two million units, by the end of the year, with its current production capacity.

On the results side, the production of electric vehicles by the company has reached the three million mark. This represents a significant increase, compared to only three thousand units that were manufactured ten years ago. Elon Musk also revealed during the conference that Tesla may identify the location of its next Gigafactory this year.

When it comes to unfavorable developments, Tesla was also not spared. The pace of layoffs in the tech industry has accelerated due to the global recession. In June, many rumors circulated in the media claiming that Elon Musk had a ” very bad feeling about the economy and that he planned to reduce the number of salaried employees in his company by about 10%.

The Optimus will be the highlight.

Photo of the Tesla Bot, renamed Optimus

Judging by the promotional campaign carried out this year, it is possible to think that the humanoid robot Optimus will be the most exciting object to see during the Tesla AI Day 2022. Mr. Musk talked about it enthusiastically, even during the annual general meeting. And, to build up the pressure, he said everyone would be blown away by Optimus during his presentation.

He went on to predict that in the not so distant future, Tesla bots will be even more valuable than automobiles. Musk had assured in the past that Optimus would be of a friendly disposition.

During his initial presentation, it was speculated that Optimus would weigh 56 kg and be fitted with a screen in place of his face. The frame will be five feet and eight inches tall. Musk also said a working prototype would be ready by the end of 2022 and production would begin in 2023.


Tesla’s future project, Robotaxi, should soon be the subject of new information. Musk described the future Robotaxi as a ” mix of Uber and Airbnb during his speech at the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). For Tesla, the Robotaxi service falls into the category “ in development“.

Additionally, he added that the system was not developed with a launch city in mind. Because they will be equipped with full self-driving capabilities, their owners will have the option of using them alone, or integrating them into the Robotaxi fleet, to generate additional revenue.

Chip Dojo

Also, additional updates to the Dojo supercomputer program are to be expected. Ganesh Venkataramanan, senior director of autopilot hardware at Tesla, revealed the chip that Tesla uses to power its supercomputer, Dojo, at the latest Tesla AI Day. This chip, known as D1, incorporates 7nm technology and has a computing power of 362 teraflops.

Additionally, Venkatraman reportedly said the device has twice the I/O bandwidth of other network switch chips currently available on the market. Musk mentioned that Dojo would be ready to go the following year.

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