What if Tesla revolutionized motorway service areas?

Tesla was working on real centers to support the brand’s customers and entertain them while charging their cars.

Other automakers have a lot to learn from Tesla about charging. The Californian manufacturer is indeed a pioneer in fast charging, with its “Supercharger” concept deployed a decade ago and its stations present all over the world. Stations known for the moment to be more reliable than other charging networks (Ionity etc.) and with an excellent network, including here in France.

According to Electrek specialists, Tesla does not intend to stop there. Elon Musk’s brand would indeed like to improve the experience of its customers when they recharge their car. How ? By setting up real Tesla centers, including a catering service and a “drive-in” cinema.

A project in Los Angeles

Still according to Electrek, Tesla is preparing to build a first center of this kind in Los Angeles, in a district in a strategic position. It would include no less than 29 Superchargers and five mode 2 chargers. On paper, would there be enough to revolutionize the current model of motorway service areas in the medium term? Of course, let’s wait and see what this first American center will do and if it gives Tesla ideas for the rest of the world.

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