Weight loss: this fat-burning drink is ideal for eliminating excess summer food!

Do you think that all the talk about drinks that help you stay in shape, lose weight or burn fat is false? You are not completely wrong. A simple drink will not make you lose your excess pounds by magic. But she can help you with that though. Especially when it’s homemade. We will explain everything to you.

Summer, a season conducive to weight gain?

There are many temptations in the summer. However, when it is hot, we tend to eat less. Especially in hot weather, like the one we are currently experiencing. Being less hungry than usual when it’s hot is normal. Quite simply because the body spends less energy to maintain its temperature. Energy requirements are therefore lower. Therefore, hunger decreases.

We are also looking for different foods, as explained to us at Sciences et Avenir (in 2019) by doctor Jacques Fricker: “ During heat waves, we look for foods that are not dense and rich in water. As the tongue and mouth are drier than usual, the body seeks to rehydrate. That’s why some are more attracted to a fruit salad than a packet of cookies.. »

Reading all this, we could think that we can lose weight in the summer, and finally have our summer body. But the reality is different. Summer is also the season for barbecues, it’s the season for aperitifs, and alcohol often flows freely. However, alcohol is not water. It is very caloric. Not to mention, of course, the effects that these glasses of alcohol have on your health. Fortunately, this drink has many virtues.

A drink to limit weight gain?

We are not talking here about going to buy a drink in a store. No, we’re talking about a drink you’re going to make at home. Very simply. To do this, you just need two ingredients. Water on one side, cinnamon on the other. It’s as simple as that. The recipe is just as simple. Add 10 g of cinnamon powder to a large glass of water. Then drink this mixture. Be careful, do not expect to have immediate effects. You have to follow this routine every day for about three months for it to be effective.

But why choose cinnamon? Because this spice has always been known for its many virtues that help in weight loss. In addition to helping you burn fat, cinnamon helps regulate blood glucose levels. It helps to limit overeating since it plays a role in hunger.

How can cinnamon burn fat? Quite simply because its ingestion increases body temperature. It forces the body to fight to restore its normal temperature. As a result, energy expenditure and fat burning are increased.

Other herbs and spices perfect for a diet

Cinnamon is not the only spice recommended for anyone wishing to lose weight. The list is indeed quite long.. Judge for yourself: turmeric, cardamom, paprika, curry, cloves, ginger, chilli, nutmeg, fennel seeds, cumin, sumac, black pepper and vanilla are known for their action on weight. Aromatic herbs are also recommended. Especially the following: basil, thyme, tarragon, chives, chervil, mint, coriander, oregano, rosemary and parsley.

Micro-nutritionist Valérie Espinasse invites you to add spices and herbs to your dishes: “ The addition of herbs and spices helps to diversify the tastes and to think that we eat a little differently every day. Aromatic herbs are very fragrant and stimulate the taste buds“. She explains how it can help you by giving an example: “ On the spice side, turmeric associated with vegetables, in addition to flavoring, helps the intestine to manage the dietary changes that occur during a diet.“.

As we know, for weight loss, 70% of the work is on the plate. But do not forget, also, to have a regular physical activity.

Weight loss, the distance to be traveled each day…

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