Weight loss: the water / baking soda mixture, a false good idea?

For effective weight loss, some Tik Tok users recommend the water/baking soda mixture. We agree, does it make us think more of a method for cleaning than for losing weight? However, it is a product that has already proven its benefits. For example, it helps to digest but also to eliminate toxins. According to Internet users, this beverage would also help erase cellulite. Is it really a good idea to drink this mixture? Spoiler alert: no.

Weight loss with this beverage poses risks

Our colleagues from Top Health interviewed the gastro-hepato-enterologist Julien Scanzi. According to him, there is no link between the consumption of baking soda and weight loss. “Sodium bicarbonate (or bicarbonate of soda) has alkalizing properties, that is to say that it can reduce the acidity of an environment. This means that its consumption can relieve problems of gastric acidity and in particular gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD.said the specialist.

However, the water/bicarbonate of soda mixture is not the ideal solution for losing weight. As for the slimming effect, no! It’s not a miracle drink. We do not see on what scientific basis we could affirm such a thing., said Julien Scanzi. Indeed, this drink can cause intestinal disorders, stomach aches… This can go as far as vomiting and diarrhea. Worse still, you could develop kidney problems from the sodium in baking soda. This mixture is strongly discouraged for pregnant or breastfeeding women, but also for young children. We then avoid applying everything we see on Tik Tok! On the other hand, we do not hesitate to consult a health professional if we wish to lose weight.

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