Web5, what is this new concept from Jack Dorsey?

No, you didn’t miss Web4, while Jack Dorsey is trying to spawn Web5! TBD’s plan is to combine the best elements of web2 and web3 to create a new digital concept, the Web5 (2 +3).

The main goal of Web5 is to provide a platform that will facilitate the development of applications that allow users to store and manage their own data.

Decentralized web nodes and verifiable credentials are the foundation on which the web is built.

The presentation of Web5 emphasizes the portabilitythat is to say the possibility of log in once and identify yourself in many applications without needing to log in again.

These applications can also access your data through the ecosystem. We therefore see some similarities in the concept with the Web 3.0 by Tim Berners-Leethe creator of the World Wide Web.

If you think about Web5, Web3 is not quite decentralized. Indeed, the access points of wallets are today centered on websites like OpenSea or some DEX. It looks like TBD is trying to get rid of these platforms by developing a new one!

What are the possible use cases for Web5?

The user could connect to several decentralized applications without fear of being monitored by a third party according to engineer Maxime Lecoustre. The owner of digital assets (of any type) will also be able to view the settings of each application and control the data they share with them.

The Web5 project is a concept that could significantly improve the use of blockchain. However, the web5 definition doesn’t seem like a really new idea; it could just implement already known use cases and is quite close to Berners-Lee’s concept of Web3.0.

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