Waze, Google Maps, Mappy will have to offer more ecological alternatives

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A decree published at the beginning of the month by the French government asks digital travel assistance services, such as Waze, Google Maps, Mappy or Bonjour RATP, to inform their users of the environmental impact of their journey and offer greener alternatives to the car.

The decree, published following the climate law passed a year ago, now asks digital travel assistance services (Waze, Google Maps, Mappy, Bonjour RATP, Citymapper, Apple Plans, etc.) to better inform users of the environmental and health impact of their journey and to offer more ecological alternatives to the car.

In concrete terms, these services must now:

  • Display an estimate of the pollution generated by the various suggested modes of transport (amount of greenhouse gases and air pollutants).
  • Highlight routes with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Propose routes allowing a reduction in speed of 20 km/h in the event that the user chooses the car as a means of transport (for portions where the maximum authorized speed is greater than or equal to 100 km/h). Alternative routes should also be proposed in order to avoid ” massive use of secondary roads.
  • Regularly broadcast awareness messages when a user is about to borrow their car from December 2022. These messages should highlight the use of walking and cycling.
  • Inform users of the location of low-emission zones (ZFE), then from December 2022 of cycle paths, carpooling and parking areas. By the end of 2023, all public transport and shared vehicle offers must be displayed.

Guidelines that Google no doubt saw coming since 2021, Google Maps defaults to the route with the lowest carbon footprint when it has the same travel time as the fastest route.

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