Warren Buffet and Bitcoin (BTC) done!

The more cryptos evolve, the more they are talked about. As a result, its notoriety attracts several companies that did not think of integrating the sector. Last month, one of the biggest digital banks in the world got into cryptocurrency, backed by an unlikely personality… Warren Buffett.

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Nubank gets into crypto

Investors aim for gains above all else. As a result, when one of the largest digital banks in the world joins the crypto sector, we understand when it sees its potential. In June Nubank launched into cryptocurrency trading and a month later achieved a feat.

In fact, the company has announcement Tuesday that the exchange platform already had one million users. This far exceeds the expectations of the digital bank, which expected to reach this figure in one year. Thus, it reaches its objective eleven months in advance. The Brazilian digital bank has nearly 54 million users in three countries in America.

What surprises the most is that Warren Buffett is one of the major shareholders of Nubank with more than a billion dollars. The CEO of Hathaway Berkshire is known to be downright hostile to digital assets. He even went so far as to state that he wouldn’t invest in cryptos for anything in the world. However, Brazil seems well on its way to welcoming cryptocurrencies.

Brazil, a new cryptocurrency market?

The development of crypto exchange platforms is rather positive in Brazil. Just one month after launching Nucripto, the trading platform crosses the milestone of one million users. However, she is not the only one. Indeed, Brazil seems receptive to the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Although some are still wary of it, the trend still presents optimistic signals. Already in December, the largest e-commerce company in Latin America, Mercado Libre started offering cryptocurrency exchange in Brazil.

On Monday, Bitso, a Mexico-based crypto exchange announced that it had reached one million Brazilian users. In view of all these developments in this country, one would be tempted to believe that Brazil is the new Eldorado of crypto assets. Let us already recall that Latin America in general seems optimistic about the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

El Salvador adopted bitcoin (BTC) as its official currency last year and is sticking to its decision despite tough times. Could the popularity of trading platforms in this region be a sign that the country is beginning to see the potential of cryptos?

Warren Buffett supports crypto through Nubank, Brazil’s largest digital bank. Indeed, the bank entered the cryptocurrency sector a month ago, and it already has one million users on its platform. Thus, the CEO seems to have come to terms with bitcoin. However, he has publicly stated that he would never accept the BTC. Therefore, the confusion remains intact. In the meantime, the platform continues on its way since it also intends to explore the tokenization of assets.

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