very interesting details about the production


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( — You’re here reportedly provided production details to Nevada gigafactory employees, CNBC reports. People working in this factory tell CNBC that during a meeting, the new manager of the gigafactory gave hundreds of employees detailed information on production. The gigafactory would thus have manufactured 283,473 powertrains in the second quarter and would have recorded August production higher than all previous months, except October 2021. The factory in Fremont, Calif., would now have a capacity of 12,000 cars/week and has set itself the next target of 14,000 cars/week. The gigafactory is expected to produce 8,800 high-voltage batteries each week to support Fremont’s production targets… The factory in Brandenburg, Germany, reportedly hit production levels of 1,000 cars/week recently, and Tesla expects reaching 5,000 cars/week by the end of the year. The Austin, Texas plant is also said to have recently reached the production level of 1,000 cars/week.

You’re here is also on track to produce 442 Megapacks (large-scale lithium-ion batteries) in the third quarter. The gigafactory also reportedly manufactured 37,600 Powerwalls (home energy storage batteries) in the second quarter and is on track to ramp up production by 22% in the third quarter.

You’re here finally wants gigafactory employees to improve their efficiency, reducing the time spent manufacturing each unit of their products.


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