Use the best function of Gboard on PC thanks to this site

There is a website to explore all the emoji combinations available on Gboard through the Emoji Kitchen feature. This is an effective way to use this Google keyboard option on a PC.

Gboard emoji kitchen
Some combinations available on Emoji Kitchen from Gboard // Source: Montage Frandroid (Gboard x

If you use Gboard, chances are you’ve come across Emoji Kitchen before. Admittedly, mentioned like that, point blank, the name of this function may not speak to you, but it is nevertheless very prominent and easy to access on the Google keyboard. Indeed, since 2020, you can merge emojis to create a new one, sometimes more beautiful, often disturbing and always crazier.

To do this, open a messaging application (WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, etc.) and go to the section of the Gboard keyboard dedicated to emojis. You then have to select two (or the same one twice) so that Emoji Kitchen offers you a rather offbeat creation mixing the two chosen emotions – even if they are a priori incompatible -, or by accentuating an emoji if you have pressed twice on the same. Example: by using the face that cries with laughter twice, you will get a face that cries with laughter and whose tears also cry with laughter. You follow ?

The tears of the emoji crying with laughter are also crying with laughter… // Source: Gboard x

The functionality seems well appreciated by users who know it and Emoji Kitchen is therefore entitled to a few updates here and there to increase the number of possibilities. Remember that the combinations you create are sent in an image format. If this option makes you laugh and you have a few minutes to spare, know that there is a site to test all the combinations of emojis available on Gboard.

Use Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen on PC

The site in question,, has absolutely nothing official, but it is very complete and quite easy to learn. Select the emoji duos you want by clicking on them and the site will show you the results you’ll get on Gboard. It’s fun and mindless. In this regard, chances are that you will only use this site once or twice, just to explore a little bit of the richness of Emoji Kitchen without having to launch a messaging application compatible with this feature. kitchen
Screenshot of the website // Source: Frandroid

However, we can also see this site as a way to use Emoji Kitchen from a computer. Combine your emojis, right click on the result and save as PNG. You now have an image file that you can send from a PC to the messaging or social network of your choice.

The most determined people may use this unofficial site — created by Nicholas Jitkoff and whose source code is available on GitHub — to quietly memorize lots of combinations. It remains only to wish long life to Emoji Kitchen.

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