USA: Man cured of HIV and cancer after stem cell transplant

To achieve this remission, the “City of Hope patient”, as he is nicknamed, received a bone marrow transplant “nearly three and a half years ago” to fight against his leukaemia, explains the organization. “He received a blood stem cell transplant. […] from a donor who had a rare genetic mutation”called CCR5, she continues. “CCR5 is a receptor on immune cells […], and HIV uses this receptor to penetrate and attack the immune system. But the CCR5 mutation blocks this pathway, which prevents HIV from replicating.”

Since this transplant, “City of Hope patient showed no evidence of virus replication”, welcomes the California-based clinical research center. The antiretroviral treatment he had been taking to fight the disease for more than 30 years was stopped in March 2021. “We were delighted to let him know that his HIV is in remission”welcomes Dr. Dickter, professor in the division of infectious diseases.


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