Ungoogled Chromium: a Chrome without Google to remember

Not always easy to find version of Chromium completely devoid of links with Google. If it’s a Google-less Chrome you’ve been looking for, here’s Ungoogled Chromium, a browser perfectly suited for Linux.

The Chrome browser developed by Google for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android is from an open source edition, the famous Chromium, but its dependence on Google is not completely canceled.

The ungoogled-software community has been developing for several months a version of Chrome totally unrelated to Google and integration of the American company’s web services. The project is licensed under the BSD-3 license. It has the following name: Ungoogled Chromium.

The motivations

The developers explain that, without a Google account login, Chromium does pretty well in terms of security and privacy, but still retains some reliance on Google’s web services and binaries. This is where ungoogled-chromium comes in, which wants to solve these problems in the following way:

- Remove all background queries leftovers to any web service during browser construction and execution

- Removed all code specific to Google web services

- Removed all use of pre-built binaries in the source code, and replaced with user-supplied alternatives where possible.

These features are implemented as configuration flags, patches, and custom scripts.

Download Ungoogled Chromium

The development of Ungoogled Chromium results in binaries available for download for Android, Arch Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, macOS (homebrew) and via Flatpak.

A list of ready-to-install applications, sometimes compiled by third parties, is available on this page. Attention and caution: “These binaries are provided by anyone willing to build and submit them. As these binaries are not necessarily reproducible, their authenticity cannot be guaranteed..”

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