Ultimate troll: Ford F-150 Lightning pickup is equipped to charge a Tesla

Electric version of the most popular pickup in the United States for forty-five years, dubbed (and driven) by Joe Biden himself, beating by far the long-awaited Cybertruck from Tesla by bursting onto the market like an already crowned king by record reservations, the F-150 Lightning is an existential gamble for Ford that could go a long way in accelerating America’s electrification.

The pick-up seems to be a technical success and has solid skills as well as a “prodigious power”on which we will leave the specialists to expand.

But in a country marked by major power cuts in the past or perhaps still to come, one of the most amazing features of Ford’s truck is its ability to supply electricity, in addition to receiving it.

When it does not receive the electricity it uses to drive, the car can provide it to fireplaces, the grill or other nearby devices, such as a very large rolling battery, thanks to a bi-directionality that can prove to be very useful.

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In its heaviest version, the F-150 can thus provide 131 kWh. Enough to last three or four days for an average American home, power countless devices while camping or at work, or even resell electricity on the grid when needed.

How then, in an electric market that still fears a lack of juice and a breakdown on the road, advertise this exceptional power?

By making fun of the main competitor, of course. As Bloomberg tells it, the first customers to receive the F-150 were surprised to discover an adapter – not built by Ford and delivered by surprise – allowing them to use the large battery of the pickup to charge … a You’re here.

“Not trolling. Just helpful”commented the boss of Ford Jim Farley, in a laconic way and on Twitter, after the specialized press seized on this little joke, this unexpected bonus which looks like a very nice publicity stunt on the part of the old American brand.

For while the issue remains a serious problem for the full electrification of the country’s roads, Tesla has the second largest network of public chargers in the United States with 19% of all sockets, and dominates the segment even more strongly. fast and ultra-fast charging, with more than half of the compatible stations.

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