Uber will ban combustion engines from its drivers in 2030

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Uber continues to make its vehicle fleets cleaner. The platform will ban thermal engine cars in less than ten years.

Earlier this year, Uber banned drivers with diesel-powered cars from registering on the platform. The objective was to eradicate all presence of diesel by 2024.

The passenger transport giant announced a new measure this week, this time stricter. Indeed, combustion engine cars will be completely prohibited on the platform in 2030.

It is the CEO of the firm, Dara Khosrowshahi, who communicated this news. “If we do our job well, we will be completely electric”, did he declare. Khosrowshahi’s goal is to make Uber a ‘zero emissions’ platform in eight years in the United States, Canada and Europe.

For the moment, the number of electric vehicles of Uber would be around 25,000, for one million drivers. But more and more customers have the option of opting for an electric vehicle when ordering a ride.

In addition, Uber will invest 800 million dollars to double the number of electric cars next year. Drivers with an electric vehicle receive an additional dollar per trip and discounts on charging. A partnership with Hertz also allows them to rent a Tesla Model 3 for $344 per week.

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