Tudor’s special request to Nuno Tavares

Present at a press conference during his presentation to the media, Nuno Tavares commented on a request from Igor Tudor. The Croatian technician asked the left-back to do something specific.

Left-back Nuno Tavares has arrived on a season-long loan from Arsenal. Coach Igor Tudor had a specific request regarding the Portuguese on his left wing. The Croatian has a habit of asking his pistons to run a lot with his three-man defense.

“He assured me that I could do it”

“The first day I arrived, the coach showed me a picture of a field line. He said to me: you have to go from this line to the other and come back running as a full-back, but also as a winger. He assured me that I could do it. He also knows very well that I would need a little more pace, but I think I can do it. It’s true that it’s different from what I did at Arsenal where we played four behind. But I like to play in this system with three central defenders and two pistons who are more wingers. With a bit of rhythm, I will be able to go back and forth as requested by Igor Tudor. I’m happy to play in this position and I want to learn a little more.”

The Portuguese seems more receptive to the work demanded by the Croatian coach. Physically, the Marseilles will have to be at the top in this system with three behind with two pistons.

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