TikTok is a preferred source of information among young people!

The Chinese social network, TikTok would have become one of the main sources of information among young people! We tell you more.

How do young people keep up to date with the news? TikTok would be become one of the main sources of information ! MCE TV gives you more details.

TikTok: a privileged source of information?

There was a time when TikTok was a social network for young people who only posted dance and singing videos. But that time seems to be over!

Today, TikTok has evolved and so has its content. The app with millions of subscribers offers thousands of videos every day that cover all topics.

From cooking, to do-it-yourself, through music, art and humour… there is something to find what you are looking for. If TikTok is increasingly copied on its format, it continues to face competition.

Moreover, from now on, the Chinese social network seeks to make its content credible in order to be able to progress. According to a British study, the app has become a real source of information for its users.

Today 7% of British citizens who use TikTok confirmt that it is their main source of info. Whereas in 2020, they were less than 1%! Just that.

A remarkable development which therefore proves that TikTok has been able to improve over time. And it must be said that for two years, the number of users of the Chinese app has exploded.

These figures, which may be quite surprising, are nevertheless representative of the English market. On the other hand, this is the biggest growth of the year for TikTok. And the app is not about to stop there!

TikTok is a preferred source of information among young people!

Still a long way to go

Le journal du geek reports that a study showed that 40% of young people of generation Z use social networks to access simple information. Thus, those born between 1997 and 2012 turn to TikTok and Instagram for that.

But there is still a long way to go for TikTok! Indeed, today, the social network is classified as the 6th source of information among 16-24 year olds in England.

We find first Facebook and Instagram. 40% of young people surveyed said they used Facebook to get information. Against 46% for Instagram.

Even if social networks continue to evolve in this direction, the primary sources of information are still the media. In fact, the app BBC, the BBC One TV channel are at the top of the ranking.

Then comes Twitter! The blue bird social network has succeeded over the years in working on its credibility and becoming a real source of information.

Yih-Choung Teh, director of the Ofcom group that carried out this study, believes that this development is completely normal. And it was even quite predictable!

Today, young people are less and less attracted to newspapers. They then turn to social networks for information.

The biggest challenge of social networks still remains the regulation of fake news. And since TikTok is experiencing incredible growth today, the social network must make it its priority.

On the other hand, users must remain vigilant. And above all don’t not take all the info literally without checking elsewhere.

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