Three ways this crypto could achieve the same success as Ethereum in 2022

If there is a recreation of David and Goliath in terms of cryptocurrency, then it has to be Big Eyes (BIG) taking on Ethereum (ETH). Big Eyes (BIG) is a new cryptocurrency that aims to create a platform for its members to grow in DeFi, NFT, and other community projects in the crypto space. On the other hand, Ethereum (ETH) is one of the ancestors of the cryptocurrency in the world today. Based on its market capitalization, it is the second newest digital asset in the cryptocurrency market.

However, with the way Big Eyes (BIG) have grown in size, it’s not crazy to think we might see this game more in the years to come.

Here are the three ways Big Eyes (BIG) can outperform Ethereum (ETH) in the near future.

No charges

Many crypto enthusiasts and investors have complained about high gas fees in Ethereum (ETH). In August 2022, reports indicate that users’ high gas charges while performing trades caused some to migrate, looking for alternatives.

This is where Big Eyes (BIG) comes in. BIG introduces its users to a world with no gas and tx fees, Users don’t have to worry about paying or losing extra when making a transaction.

The emergence of new meme pieces

There is a clear distinction between Big Eyes (BIG) and other meme pieces. Big Eyes (BIG) depicts a feline crypto token that deviates from popular dog-like cryptocurrencies like DOGE and SHIB. Therefore, the emergence of the new cryptocurrency, Big Eyes (BIG), may lead to more meme coins like it. The need to create a decentralized system also boosted the credibility of Big Eyes (BIG). Cryptocurrency is not only geared towards providing liquidity to its users in different industries, but ensuring a greener world.

The exclusive NFT collection

NFT continued to grow every quarter, with more people around the world interested in this industry. As a result, Big Eyes (BIG) seeks to create an exclusive NGT collection for its users. There are also immense opportunities for users to earn rewards the more they trade in this NFT space.

One fascinating aspect of this exclusive that Big Eyes (BIG) will be launching into is how it opens up other areas for users. With the NFT collection in place, the plan is to release merchandise and comics. This will lead to decentralized blockchain partnerships through an effective marketing strategy.

What does the future hold for Ethereum (ETH)?

Many people would have feared the worst at the start of the year when Ethereum (ETH) took a nose dive. Regardless of the high gas fees that crypto investors and traders have recorded, blockchain is still a leader in the cryptocurrency market. Even though Big Eyes (BIG) offers tremendous value to its users, it would be hard to beat Ethereum (ETH). The fact that Ethereum (ETH) is considering moving to a proof-of-stake protocol means that there will be better power consumption without affecting the earth.

Interestingly, people still think that congestion can be a major impediment to the future of Ethereum (ETH); hence, the possibility of Big Eyes (BIG) outperforming the chain arises. However, Ethereum (ETH) has always found a way to bounce back, regardless of skepticism.

Is it possible?

The question is, can Big Eyes (BIG) do better than Ethereum (ETH)? The answer can’t be definitive now, but with beta sales and predictions, it looks like Big Eyes (BIG) could outperform Ethereum (ETH). Through influencer marketing, Big Eyes can expand to different parts of the world, and the option of paying no fees and no taxes will surely attract investors and traders.

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