Thousands of Tesla ready to leave for Europe seen by a drone

A Chinese drone flying over the Shanghai gigafactory was able to observe the thousands of Model 3s ready for departure.

Tesla model 3 drone shanghai

If we believe the images captured by the drone of the Chinese Wu Wa, thousands of Tesla would be ready to leave for Europe. Indeed, this attentive observer of Tesla’s activities in China flew his drones above the production site based near Shanghai.

We can see on the video thousands of Model 3 ready to leave for Europe if we are to believe the local media, a sign that the manufacturer is waiting to catch up on its deliveries. Indeed, this model is the most requested and the waiting times today can reach more than a year. In enthusiasm that does not weaken despite the questioning of the security of Tesla’s Autopilot system.

To meet demand, the manufacturer even considered stopping orders for entry-level models to focus on long-range models.

A production of Tesla Model 3 in slow motion

Recently, due to the health restrictions imposed in China, the arrival of new models has come to a severe halt and the brand has fallen far behind in its exports, particularly to Europe. Indeed, the factory had to stop for nearly 22 days. Added to this were problems with suppliers, which did not immediately return to the expected production level of at least 2,600 vehicles per day. A level found since the end of May according to a memo published by Tesla.

This factory opened in 2018 and supposed to produce at least 500,000 vehicles per year at startup has continued to expand in order to increase its production. Even if the figures diverge, we can think that Tesla currently has a production capacity in China of around one million vehicles per year.

A figure that the automaker would like to double by building another factory near Gigafactory Shanghai. When the two sites are operational, Tesla should reach a production of around 2 million vehicles per year in order to fulfill its orders for both Model 3 and Model Y destined for the Chinese domestic market and for export.

Several Tesla Gigafactories have already been built, including one in Berlin which opened its doors only a few months ago after having caused a lot of controversy since the start of the work, particularly because of the environmental fallout. More recently, vehicles with faulty Model Y engines made in Berlin have forced the manufacturer to put deliveries on hold.

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