This is how long your Tesla battery will last at 0%

News hardware This is how long your Tesla battery will last at 0%

One of the fears among electric car owners is running out of batteries and having to wait in line for the charger. But suddenly, a Tesla, how long can it last at 0% while waiting for its turn?

Clamp the Tesla battery to keep it

If you think that when the battery reaches 0% there is no more power, it is not. Indeed, modern batteries all have a margin of error beyond 0%. Depending on the brands and models, this tolerance can vary drastically.

We remember in particular in 2017 when Tesla had increased the 60 to 75 kW autonomy of its vehicles. The goal was to allow people fleeing Hurricane Irma to be able to escape without running out of fuel. Following this event, many people cried foul, explaining that Tesla has restricted its cars to sell models with more autonomy. In reality, this is a tolerance margin on the batteries allowing the battery not to be discharged to 0%, which reduces its lifespan.

Just as Apple was able to do with iPhones after a while, Tesla restricts vehicles from the start so that the battery is charged in the most optimal conditions. Indeed, a cell charges much more efficiently between 20% and 80%.

A very durable Tesla Model Y

A user on Reddit

was thus forced to wait its turn at the Supercharger with 0% battery. A rather understandable stress, but diminished by the end result of his involuntary experience. He thus managed to last 4 minutes while driving at 0% to the station, then 22 minutes while remaining in the queue. To save as much as possible, he had completely turned off the air conditioning of his Tesla Model Y.

This is how long your Tesla battery will last at 0%

Some users claim to have reached to do more than 35 km at 0%. In a video by Norwegian Bjørn Nyland, he managed to ride for 34 km while being at 0%, a real feat. This shows how the battery also has a reserve, as on thermal cars. The goal is obviously not to use it regularly, but it is a security.

Once the battery is discharged, an alarm lights up and asks you to pull over. You have about 30 seconds to maneuver and bring the Tesla to safety.

The Tesla battery is actually capable of going down to -4.5%, if we count a limit at 0%. On the other hand, the 100% load is indeed 100%. Some manufacturers, especially on German vehicles, restrict both below 0% and above 100%. Giving a car capable of driving from 5% to 95% approximately.

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