This golden electric scooter is as expensive as a Tesla

This golden electric scooter is as expensive as a Tesla

If you like things that shine and have a minimum of means, the new electric scooter from Caviar is made for you!

The incredible success of electric scooters seems to have inspired some companies specializing in luxury products. Known for its extremely expensive (and very superfluous) products, the Caviar brand has just presented the thunder ball. A true nod to one of the films of the James Bond saga, Operation Thunder, this unique electric scooter in the world sports a gold adornment. It is displayed at $49,000. An extraordinary price that includes an iPhone 14 offered as an accessory and even exceeds that of a Tesla Model 3, sold from 48,490 dollars on the American market.

A Dualtron X2 base

If we will not dwell on the very special style of the Caviar electric scooter, the technical basis is known since it is a Dualtron X2 from Korean Minimotors on which several improvements have been made.

Equipped with two driving wheels, the machine accumulates 8.3 kW of power and promises more than 100 km/h of maximum speed. Dimensioned accordingly, the battery accumulates 3 kWh of energy capacity (72 V – 42 Ah). It promises up to 150 kilometers of range on one charge.

Impressive performance except for one detail… in France, the use of an electric scooter of such power is prohibited on public roads, the regulations imposing a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Already available for pre-order, the Caviar electric scooter can be purchased from October.

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