this amazing product to increase autonomy

Tesla reveals is currently working on an amazing way to improve the autonomy of its vehicles. Find out what it is.

Although the autonomy of electric cars has continued to improve over the years, this aspect still remains a real obstacle for many motorists. Indeed, many of them are afraid of running out and breaking down before they can get to a charging station. A fear that is in most cases unfounded, while most drivers travel less than a hundred kilometers a day. If they have the possibility of connecting to their place of work or their home, there is therefore no risk of running out of battery. Nevertheless, the brands are working to increase the autonomy of their cars, which should also limit the crowds at the terminals.

An amazing solution

But if most brands are developing more efficient batteries, others have ideas that may seem more absurd. This is particularly the case of Tesla, which is working on a device that is surprising to say the least. If the brand continues to improve its batteries, it could also offer a system that will improve the autonomy of vehicles that will be equipped with it. This is a trailer, just unveiled at the IdeenExpo show in Hanover. If no details have been revealed, it would be equipped with 300W solar panels, which can generate around 2.7 kW. This equates to 80 km per day.

No launch planned

Note that this trailer will also be equipped with a Starlink receiver, in order to capture the internet network developed by the subsidiary of SpaceX, another company of Elon Musk. However, this trailer should not see the light of day immediately. In fact, there is a good chance that it will never be marketed. Unless the general public and in particular the owners of Tesla show a real interest in this device. But nothing is less certain at present, especially since the price should be high.

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