This 92-year-old woman has NEVER put sunscreen on her neck, the line is shocking

When you go to the beach, you take your bathing suit, your towel, your hat… and your Solar cream, sure ! This one is a essential before exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. Indeed, it can save you sunburn, of course, but also skin cancer. And you have to apply it everywhere…

This old lady took good care of her face. You can see it in the upper part of the photo, which shows a smooth, blemish-free skin. This 92-year-old lady surely applied the sunscreen well on her face! Maybe she also wore a hat?

The demarcation is very impressive

But on the second part of the photo, we see the neck of this same woman. And it’s covered in stains. The skin is burnished by the sunclearly damaged. We can deduce that this is not an area where the lady has applied sunscreen!

This photo was posted on Twitter, in order to realize Internet users of the risks associated with the sun. In the caption, we can read: “Cheek and neck of a 92-year-old woman. She used moisturizers with UV protection on her face, but not on her neck. And this, for more than 40 years. »

A link is also added alongside the photo. It refers to scientific research on the aging of the skin. His title : “Research on aging: rethinking the primary prevention of skin cancer. » It deals with the risks associated with UV, and makes you want to use sunscreen!

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Internet users give their advice

In the comments, some Internet users are shocked. Many people recommend applying regular sunscreen. A person would like to know the lifestyle of the 92-year-old lady: “Did she go outside more often than normal?” ». To this, a user responds: “Going outside means going to your garden or walking your dog. »

A final person points out: My mom always said that the face ends where the chest begins. But she said it with a ‘there’ gesture. The ears are also part of the face. » So, will you opt for sunscreen during your next summer vacation?

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