these foods increase risk, new study finds

“Let your food be your only medicine”, said Hippocrates in 400 BC. And 2500 years later, he is still right! Every day, the food we eat is broken down in our intestine into very small pieces in order to pass the intestinal barrier and is distributed to all of our cells via our blood. Inside our cells, they are recomposed differently and are used according to our needs. So we are what we eat. Especially since a recent study has shown that the consumption of a certain type of food can considerably increase the risk of Alzheimer’s dementia. We explain to you.

The study published by Neurology proves to us once again that our way of life, in particular our plate, can have an impact on our brain. Thus, scientists have demonstrated that the consumption of unsaturated fatty acids could lead to a risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. For ten years, researchers followed more than 1,600 Japanese men and women without dementia. A blood test to assess levels of unsaturated fatty acids was taken at the start of the study and their diet was analyzed. They also took into account factors that can promote Alzheimer’s disease such as hypertension, diabetes and smoking. Conclusion: People with the two highest levels of unsaturated fatty acids were 52% and 74% more likely to (…)

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