These bad habits responsible for skin aging

These bad habits responsible for skin aging

To have beautiful skin, you must certainly have good habits and certain rituals. But, there are also certain habits to banish, because they are responsible for the aging of the skin. Panel.

Avoid hot showers

While hot showers are pleasant and relaxing, they are not good for the skin. Especially since the hot tends to open the pores. The best is to shower with lukewarm water and finish with cold water on the face.

Overheat your home

The thermostat dries the air in the rooms, which also dries the skin. Lowering the heating is already a good gesture. You can also add a air humidifier, or place a bowl of water with essential oil on the radiator, which will have the advantage of giving a good smell to your interior.

A poor diet

Eating too much sugar and forgetting the good fats damages the skin, as the Health site reminds us. L’excess sugar would cause an increase in dark circles, a loss of tone and accelerate the appearance of wrinkles. This is why it is necessary to introduce foods rich in omega 3, such as nuts or salmonwhich preserve the radiance of the skin.

Sleep on the same side

When we always sleep on the same side, the face is always pressed against the pillow in the same place. This is how the “sleep wrinkles”. It is best to sleep on your back.

Make-up removal, cleansing, exfoliation

If you wear makeup, removing makeup is essential. Just like cleaning your skin. Indeed, it is during sleep that the skin regenerates. Finally, if exfoliation is essential, practicing it to excess damages the skin’s texture. It is also best to choose mild products.

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