these are the new features that are coming to the browser

A new version of Google Chrome starts rolling out today for everyone

Google Chrome 105 is now available: these are the new features coming to the browser

A new version of Google Chrome is starting to hit browser users around the world. Millions of people around the world will start receiving the latest Chrome 105 update today, which introduces exciting new features for all platforms where the browser is available.

Google itself announced the news of Chrome 105 on its official blog, stating that it is an important update, which incorporates a good handful of interesting changes. Let’s review them all.

Screenshots of Google Chrome browser on various devices

Google Chrome on various devices.

All the latest Chrome 105 news

Chrome 105 is available on both desktop platforms, as well as Android and iOS. Some of the changes target one type of device, while others will affect the rest more.

In this sense, the version of Chrome for Android launches support for the Picture-in-Picture API integrated into the system, so the operation of videos played in a floating window through Chrome should offer improved performance and a more large number of functions.

On the other hand, Chrome 105 now offers developers of web pages and applications the possibility of placing controls in the title bar of the browser, thus better exploiting the space of the window. Of course, this change only affects the version of Chrome for desktop platforms, such as Windows or macOS.

Chrome 105 app overlay

Google Chrome 105 allows you to place menus and content in the title bar of the browser window.

Another change targeted to the desktop version of Chrome is the ability to customize the search function in websites through the new Custom Highlight API. With it, developers will have the ability to adjust this feature to their liking, aiming to provide a personalized experience based on each website.

In addition to these changes, Chrome 105 introduces many other changes aimed at developers, which Google has explained through a video on its developer page.

Download Google Chrome 105

It is possible to download the latest version of Google Chrome on all platforms where the browser is available. Android or iOS users simply go to Google Play or the App Store to check for updates, and if so, download the latest version available.

How to Use Google Chrome Extensions on Android Mobile

For desktop platforms, it is possible to get Chrome 105 from the browser’s official website. If it is already installed, just download the latest update and install it through Chrome settings.

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