the ultimate confidences that send shivers down your spine on his state of health!

It is an Italian journalist who recently made disturbing revelations about Michael Schumacher, the Formula 1 champion. We explain everything to you here.

The mystery Michael Schumacher explained in this article:

However, the man known as Red Baron marked the history of the automobile. He became the idol of many fans and many Italians. To the point that he is considered the best driver ever.

We only know that after his accident, he had to be transferred to intensive care. Since then, Michael Schumacher has been at home in Switzerland.

Some clues

Michael Schumacher is now 53 years old. He is lucky to be well surrounded by his wife and children. We know she cared for him in their home in Gland for just over nine years.

But very few people are aware of his condition. His wife even seems to have traveled to Germany, on the occasion of a tribute to her famous husband.

The Red Baron seems to have become a idol for all Italian Ferrari fans. It still fascinates many enthusiasts. This is why the journalist Giorgio Terruzzi made some revelations about Michael Schumacher, but they are difficult to hear.

Bad news

In his article, the journalist talks about Michael Schumacher. Unfortunately, not everything he writes in the article is reassuring. For example, the words “Schumi is crying. And sometimes in mysterious ways. He cries when he hears his children, his wife’s voice, his dogs.

In the silence of this piece, a tear runs down his fine face at a known sound”. We therefore understand that despite the accident and the fact that his head took everything, former Formula 1 champion still feel things.

The sad confidences

However, he does not no doubt his health deteriorated. The journalist continues: “There is life, enclosed in a drop, there is the strength of a man who is moved and we moves everyone. We have her tears, her senses exposed. A very sad testimony to the state of health of Michael Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher

Although we hope to see him again day in public, all fans of Michael Schumacher received this news about the health of their idol. Although it is not very encouragingthat doesn’t mean he can’t get better.

We must therefore keep hope and wait for a possible improvement. Indeed, cases of recovery after such a fall have already been observed, so one should not lose hope.

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