The Top 5 banks investing in cryptos – There is a French girl!

According to analytics firm Blockdata, 13 of the world’s leading banks have invested nearly $3 billion in cryptocurrency and blockchain startups so far. Here is the Top 5.

1) Standard Chartered: $380 million invested

The Ripple blockchain network, whose coin XRP has a market capitalization of nearly $16 billion, is one of the bank’s sizeable investments. Standard has also invested in Cobalta UK-based trading technology provider.

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2) BNY Mellon: $321 million invested

Fireblocks, whose technology enables financial institutions to issue, send and store crypto, is among BNY’s investments. According to Blockdata, the sector of cryptocurrency custody (Custody), i.e. services in which companies take care of the digital assets of their customers for remuneration, has seen the largest investments from the part of cryptocurrencies. banks. The study found that 23 of the top 100 banks develop their own custody technology in-house or incorporate third-party software.

3) Citibank: $279 million invested

Ledger technology developed by SETLwhich is used to transfer cash and other assets, received investments from the fourth largest bank in the United States by assets.

4) UBS: $266 million invested

The Swiss banking giant’s list of investments includes Axoni, whose technology is used to upgrade capital market infrastructure.

5) BNP Paribas: $236 million invested

#BNP Paribas Securities Services will design #blockchain applications for real-time securities exchange and settlement using DAML #smartcontracts. BNP will thus interconnect with the #DLT platforms of the Australian and Hong Kong stock exchanges

The French giant is not left out. The bank collaborated with Digital Asset to create real-time trading and settlement applications using smart contracts built on the programming language DAML.

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