The Tesla Model 3 is no longer the best electric car on the market, according to a study

Every year, Consumer Reports compiles a list of 10 cars that it says perform best in their respective categories. After two years at the top of the electric car rankings, the Tesla Model 3 has been dethroned.

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The Model 3 now only occupies the third position in the ranking of the best electric cars according to Customer Reports, behind the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Kia Niro. For those who don’t know, this ranking is based on various factors, including road tests, the reports of owner satisfactionthem performancethe securitythe reliabilitythem features or even the build quality cars.

According to Customer Reports, it is the Ford Mustang that deserves this year’s title of best electric car. ” The Mach-E crossover is shrouded in Mustang heritage and crafted with the details associated with a century-old automaker. We noticed it immediately, and so did car buyers. “, can we read at Consumer Reports. It seems that the car has gained a lot of points thanks to its practicality and its pleasant side. ” The Ford is also quieter and drives better “.

Tesla loses a lot of places in the rankings because of the new Yoke steering wheel

The Tesla Model 3 wasn’t the only one to tumble. Tesla’s new Yoke steering wheel installed in Model S sedans and Model X SUVs would be so difficult to use that it did fall seven places the automaker in Consumer Reports’ annual automotive brand rankings.

From now on, Tesla is ranked 23rd among the best automakersfar behind Subaru and Mazda which are respectively ranked first and second for the year 2021. Tesla has lost a lot of places due to the numerous recalls which have impacted several hundred thousand vehicles, or even complaints filed by drivers after technical failures.

If you were planning to buy a Tesla Model 3 and this new classification makes you doubt, Customer Reports recalls that this is a very good car.Make no mistake, the Model 3 is still a great choice, and Consumer Reports recommends it. says the report, which praises the Tesla car’s technology, long range, and ” impressive charging network “.

Source: Customer Reports

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