The Tesla Cybertruck will be more expensive than expected

Sun 07/08/2022 — And different.

Tesla Cybertruck electric pickupAt the end of 2019, Tesla caused a sensation by presenting its Cybertruck. A pickup like you’ve never seen before. Some said it would be available at the end of 2021, but because we are careful, we wrote at the time that the machine would rather be available in 2022. We now know that it will in fact be 2023, and in the second semester. During a meeting with shareholders, Elon Musk revealed some additional details. The first is that the production vehicle will be different from the prototype originally presented. No one should be surprised, it is always so.

A second surprise, this time frankly bad, is that the Cybertruck will be more expensive than announced. Elon Musk was sorry, explaining that it was not possible 3 years ago to guess the inflation we know today… But he still refrained from revealing any new price, nor the slightest technical detail. The base price announced in 2019 was $39,900, and if we see the multiple price increases that the Model 3 has experienced in recent months, we can fear an increase of $10,000…

In any case, the European motorist must moderate his enthusiasm for the Cybertruck, since for what we know today, this vehicle will probably not be approved in Europe as a passenger car. With a GVW greater than 3500 kg, the Tesla Cybertruck should require a truck license. We’ll talk about it when we have specific information.

Should the Tesla Cybertruck be sold in France?

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