The ridiculous tax paid by Google in France in 2021, the liberal professions that bring in the most… The eco flash of the day

We start with controversy. In 2021, Google (still) paid a small corporate tax in France, amounting to 27.1 million euros. The Mountain View company declares a turnover of 592 million euros in France. But this would be vastly underestimated. In reality, Udecam (Union of media consulting and buying companies) estimates that the Californian company achieved a turnover of 2.7 billion euros in France in 2020, according to its statements before the commission of Senate investigation into media concentration. That’s five times more than what the company declares! We recall that in 2019, Google paid nearly a billion euros to settle its tax disputes in France.

The figure of the day: 15,674 euros. This is the average monthly income received by orthodontists exercising their activity as a liberal in 2021. According to the latest data from the National Union of Approved Management Associations, three liberal professions can earn incomes greater than 15,000 euros per month: in addition to orthodontists, there are also anesthetists-resuscitators and notaries on the podium. To go further, Capital has selected the 20 best paid liberal professions last year. Discover their very generous remuneration on our site.

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We continue with a news which may not please the workers. After school canteens where prices will jump at the start of the school year, collective catering professionals are currently renegotiating their contracts with companies. Wage, food, energy costs… inflation hits this sector of activity very hard, which does not intend to bear the rise in prices alone. “It is necessary that the revaluations are up to the height of the current increase in costs”, warns Esther Kalonji, the general delegate of the National Union of collective catering. More information on our website.

We end with the rant of the insurance mediator. During the presentation of its 2021 activity report, the independent body tackled the vague exclusion clauses peppering auto, home or borrower contracts. “Lack of maintenance”, “negligence”… examples abound and allow insurers to deprive their customers of compensation to which they are nonetheless entitled. The Court of Cassation, which has already condemned this type of overly vague wording on several occasions, has also tightened its case law in 2021. The details can be found in our article.

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