the restyled models available to order, it was about time!

The least we can say is that with Tesla, time is a relative concept. For a bit, it almost feels like a Christopher Nolan movie. Do you want an example ? Presented in January 2021, the restyled versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X are only entering the catalog now, a year and a half later. And we will still have to wait for deliveries since the first copies will only be delivered to their lucky owner(s) towards the end of the year or even the beginning of 2023. To note that the whole range is not yet available for order, only the Plaid liveries are. The prices are related to the performance, very high…

Rising prices

One of the main peculiarities of the restyled Tesla Model S and Model X is this steering wheel called
One of the main features of the restyled Tesla Model S and Model X is this so-called rectangular “Yoke” steering wheel associated with classic power steering, not speed-dependent… which we can’t wait to test.©Tesla

As a reminder, the Tesla Model S and Model X are powered by three electric motors delivering a comfortable power of 1,020 hp. The accelerations are in fact stratospheric, Tesla announcing a 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.1 s for its Model S. To give you an idea, a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, despite its 1,600 hp, does not theoretically do better… As for the maximum speed, it would be 322 km/h. The Model X, disadvantaged by its weight (300 kg more on paper than the Model S, almost 2.5 t) and its aerodynamics is “satisfied” with 2.6 s on the exercise from 0 to 100 km / h , but it is above all the top speed which is marking time with “only” 262 km/h.

Thanks to a relatively limited weight given the size of the beast, the sedan could drive the equivalent of 600 km on a single charge. Count 528 km of autonomy for the SUV. Finally, don’t worry, the 250 kW charging power is the same for both models, it’s almost the best at the moment.

With features like this, you’d expect prices to be… uh… unaffordable, that’s the case. Count €138,990 at the very least for the sedan, and €141,990 for the SUV, excluding options. Prices much higher than what the manufacturer announced to us at their presentation. Those of the Model S climbed by €19,000, those of the Model X by €22,000. The increases at Tesla at the same time, it’s a constant… Note that the very original rectangular “Yoke” steering wheel is indeed on the program in both cases, it is however associated with a classic speed-dependent power steering . Suffice to say that the maneuvers are likely to be somewhat tiring, to be confirmed by us.

A more “accessible” version to come

To all those who cannot spend such a sum, a more “affordable” variant will be offered for sale later, without any date being given. But with its barely less insane characteristics (670 hp all the same, 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 s for the Model S, 3.9 s for the Model X, maximum speed of 250 km/h), the he bill should not be much lower and could still come close to or even exceed the €100,000 mark. Less powerful, these “basic” versions promise in return a greater autonomy: 634 km for the sedan, 560 km for the SUV. Autonomy or performance? “That’s the question”!

All Tesla Model S and Model X (2023) prices

Model Price
ModelModel S Poster Price€138,990
ModelModel X Poster Price€141,990

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