the Renault Mégane eclipses the Tesla Model Y

August’s electric car sales rankings fell. The Mégane confirms its excellent start, the Model Y returns to the rankings and the Peugeot e-208 seems set to win over the year.

It’s a very nice surprise for Renault. For the second consecutive month, its electric Mégane E-Tech is at the top of electric car sales. Better, in August, it is quite simply the best-selling C-segment compact in France, all engines combined. The electric spearhead of the diamond brand is therefore having a promising start to its career since its deliveries, which began in May, exceed 6,000 units (6,257 precisely). In July and August, two relatively calm months in terms of sales, the electric Mégane sold some 3,500 copies and the coming weeks should not decrease in intensity. Indeed, after a highly noticed launch in January and a particularly conclusive first test, Renault has filled its order book.

Is the e-208 really unbeatable?

Although it is on the rise, the compact is not the best-selling electric car in France. This place remains the property of the Peugeot e-208 which certainly benefits from having been on the market during the first quarter. Year-to-date sales for the city car stand at 11,982 units. But in terms of momentum, the tide has turned in Renault’s favor over the past two months. By way of comparison, 891 e-208s were sold in August compared to 1,521 for the Mégane. The latter seems to have all the cards in hand to upset a podium that seemed frozen. Indeed, the lead taken by the Peugeot, the Fiat 500e (11,185 units) and the Dacia Spring (10,852) seemed final… before the explosion in sales of the Mégane.

Predictable backlash for Renault: the slow decline of the Zoé continues. Indeed, the good health of its compact hides less brilliant sales for the one who reigned over the rankings for nearly a decade. The new Zoé was registered only 438 times in August, but still maintains the course with 9,516 sales achieved this year. On the other hand, it’s a safe bet that the sales curves of the Mégane and the Zoé will intersect. The arrival on the market of the “small” battery version of the compact car, the famous Mégane EV40, could accelerate the end of the career of a slightly more expensive Renault Zoé (35,200 euros for an entry-level Mégane against 33,700 euros for the Zoé).

And Tesla in all this?

A ranking of electric car sales without the presence of Tesla? How is it possible ? Two factors explain this statistical “anomaly”. The weak deliveries of the manufacturer, on the one hand, which after an almost virgin month of July, only resumed the pace in August. Finally, the average price of Teslas has risen sharply in recent months. Its cheapest model is now the Model Y Propulsion. This should also help the Californian brand to move up the rankings. Its electric SUV, the most expensive vehicle in the top 10 sales, comes in 6th position with 702 registrations in August and 4,713 over the year.

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