The quality of service everywhere, even in rural areas

As mentioned last week, we invite you to discover the architects of the electric car charging network. These private players, whom we invite you to discover throughout the summer, together represent private investments of around one billion euros for charging infrastructure in France. Last week, we presented Allego, this week we present Stations-e. Have a nice summer and don’t forget to participate in our summer contest.

A multi-service model

Co-founded by Alain Rolland, Stations-e is an original model: the company is not limited to the installation of simple charging stations, but adds a set of possible services around its terminals, including mobile broadband and other digital or local services, which they offer their partners to host on their equipment.

The advent of a French ecosystem?

Stations-e thus aims to federate around its “multi-service terminals” a French ecosystem whose economic model would contribute to boosting growth and creating jobs with associated economic players such as shops, craftsmen, local authorities, associations, universities, etc. . The models are created around 4 services: Electric transport, local services including car sharing, fixed mobile broadband, click & collect and mobility data serving communities and users.

Ambitious deployment objectives

The stated objectives are very ambitious with a massive deployment of 10,000 charging stations by 2027 throughout the territory, their positioning being to target living areas on the outskirts of towns and in all small towns in the provinces. They are therefore not competitors but complementary to motorway stations and major axes. Finally, Stations-e is positioned among the most aggressive prices on the market and its service is interoperable with all the other operators on the market (e-station customers can recharge elsewhere and e-station terminals are open to everyone).

Alain Rolland co-founder (Photo) : ” Our price is €0.36/kWh excluding subscription for all powers ranging from 24 kWh to 60 kWh depending on the stations and regardless of the origin of the energy, but we will have to lower this price if access to the car electricity is progressing in France. More advantageous fleet-specific contracts are possible.

All the stations offer payment either by subscription or by the act with a smartphone by scanning a QR Code or by credit card, or by prepayment with the station card e or all competitors’ badges (Chargemap Pass, Izivia cards, BMW and Porsche are accepted). Interoperability is at the heart of our service. 50 stations are already operational with 108 charging points at the end of July. A hundred stations, i.e. around 200 charging points, will be installed before the end of the year”.

Quality of service, a priority

Stations-e does not install more power for the moment because the current very fast charges according to it damage the batteries and the technologies to avoid this will not happen before 2023! Providing quality service everywhere, even in rural areas, is Stations-e’s priority. Its development plan provides for more than €250 million in capital and debt investment thanks to the support of Banque des Territoires (Caisse des dépôts et consignations), Cube infrastructure, etc. A capital raising of €30 million took place at the end of 2021. No expenditure is requested, neither from the communities nor from the owners. Among the services offered: multi-service stations, loyalty points, car sharing, air sensors, video surveillance, deposit system, dedicated application, etc.

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