the production of the anti-Tesla car has begun!

That’s it, the production of the Lucid Air is launched. Initially, the manufacturer’s plant located in Arizona will be able to build up to 34,000 cars per year!

This time it’s here, it’s official! the american manufacturer electric cars Lucid Motors launches production of its first electric car: the Lucid Air! The first customers should receive their car at the end of October.

The first deliveries for the end of October

At Casa Grande, in the State of arizona, the first vehicles in the series Lucid Air rolled off the assembly lines. Initially, the manufacturer will deliver to the first sponsors the 520 units publishing promises “Dreaming”, particularly expensive. Deliveries are expected to begin at the end of October. Only later will the other variants of the luxury sedan be produced.

According to the manufacturer, the American start-up has already recorded almost 13,000 pre-orders for this model. For now, the plant – built in just one year – will be able to produce up to 34,000 cars per year. After expansion work, this number should increase to 400,000 copies afterwards.

The anti-Tesla car par excellence

The LucidAir, as a reminder, in its most expensive version “ Air Dream” , developed 1,111 hp thanks to these two high-performance electric motors. Everything is coupled to a battery of 112 kWh. All the power is sent to the 4-wheel drive with an advertised range of nearly 520 miles, or approximately 837 kilometers. The equivalent of a Paris – Marseille in a single charge! However, these figures are only given for the version fitted with the “small” 19-inch rims. Those of 21″ offering less autonomy even if the latter remains quite honorable with 774 km.

Question tariff, it takes an envelope of $ 169,000, or not far from €144,000. We could compare it to the Mercedes EQS with its few 523 hp and 770km promised for a price around the €152,800. Without forgetting the Tesla Model S Posterdisplayed for a price of €129,990, proposing 637 km of autonomy and 1020 hp.

We can also take the comparison even further, particularly with regard to the huge batteries from Lucid. Displayed at 112 kWh, it is once again a record since its two competitors respectively adopt batteries of 108 kWh and 100 kWh.

If the Lucid Air is so effective and that it logically places itself in front of the Tesla Model S, this is no coincidence. In fact, the boss of Lucid Motors, Perter Rawlinson, was the chief engineer of the Model S… When the boss of production, Peter Hochholdinger, also worked for Tesla.

Lucid does not intend to stop there and has already planned its second model. On the menu, a SUV called Gravity which is scheduled to launch in 2023!

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