the predictions of Wall Street investors

The cryptocurrency market has been having a bad time for months. And the end of the fall is not for tomorrow, according to Wall Street investors…

Bitcoin: Wall Street investors' predictions are not good

In just a few months, the queen of cryptocurrencies lost almost 60% of its value. It is the same with Ethereum. This only testifies to the bad period that the cryptocurrency sector is currently going through. Even though these assets have taken over rising timidly in recent days, a survey of wall street investors reveals that now is not the time for optimism about the rise in the price of cryptocurrencies.

⚠️ WARNING : Remember that today, cryptocurrencies remain speculative assets. That said, the losses and gains are random. Only invest money that you can afford to lose.

Wall Street will continue to fall

A few days ago, the MLIV Pulse Survey Institute conducted a survey of 950 Wall Street investors. The question was whether “Which level will Bitcoin reach first? ».

This was a closed question, since respondents had to choose between two options: $10,000 and $30,000. Bitcoin was then trading around $20,000. Unfortunately, almost 60% of those who participated in the survey opted for the scandal side. For them, the most likely scenario is to see bitcoin drop to 10,000 dollars before maybe going up.

MLIV Pulse Survey Bicoin July 2022
Respondents were asked the following question: “At what level will bitcoin be traded first?” $10k or $30k”. Source: Pulse MLIV survey conducted July 5-8.

This survey proves the dark period that cryptos in general, bitcoin in particular, have been going through for a while. The trust is down and trade seems to be slowing down. This has already plagued many businesses entirely based on cryptocurrencies. Some have not hesitated to declare bankruptcy.

As a reminder, the bitcoin hit a record high of $68,000, one year ago. May and June saw it drop below 20,000. Today, bitcoin seems to be stabilizing at this price. What will follow? A fall or a rise?

Would the future of bitcoin go through central banks?

Does Bitcoin remain this safe investment and sure that its defenders have always sung? This still remains to be proven, given the victims that are made each time the currency falls.

According to the results of the poll carried out by the institute MLIV Pulse Survey, 18% of Wall Street investors believe that cryptocurrencies have no value. Of the 950, 32% think the currency has a future, but they remain skeptical. Of these, 23% still invested. Finally, cryptocurrencies would be the future of finance for 26% of respondents.

Also, the other interesting thing that comes out of the results is that the majority of professional investors believe that the regularization of the sector would be perfect for the area. This should help to gain the confidence of many consumers and to develop efficient means of payment. For them, central banks and government can help bitcoin and the other cryptos to pass a course.

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