The new Gmail interface is available: how to activate it

Learn how to use the new Gmail interface.

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You can activate the new Gmail interface from Quick Settings. ©Google

Google is rolling out the new Gmail interface to all users

In a blog post, Google officially announced the rollout of the new Gmail interface. Tested at the beginning of 2022, it reveals an integrated view aimed at facilitating navigation between the various messaging tools, including Google Meet, Chat or Spaces. These different elements are thus available in a vertical sidebar located on the left of the screen.

Google explains that from the quick settings, it is possible to choose the applications that you want to appear in the sidebar of the new interface. Additionally, separate sections are available for default or custom labels. Finally : ” people who enjoy chatting will see chat bubbles with snippets of incoming messages, as well as options to quickly reply instead of opening the full message.”

Starting today, the Embedded View will start rolling out to all Gmail users who have Chat enabled. You’ll get a clean and streamlined interface to switch between apps that you can customize to suit you, Google says.

How to Activate Gmail’s New Look

To activate the new Gmail interface, it’s very simple:

  • Click the Settings nut icon at the top right,
  • Select Try the new Gmail view,
  • Refresh Gmail to access the new layout.

Note that you can return to the initial display by clicking on the nut icon, then selecting Return to original Gmail view.

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