The latest Tesla Model S are equipped with a swivel screen: what for?

Tesla has once again updated the specs of its cars. In this case, the Model S, as well as the Model X, now has a swivel screen. A big plus for on-board ergonomics.

In January 2021, Tesla introduced a big update for the Model S and Model X, its two high-end cars. The main new features are inside, with a total overhaul of the cabin, more modern with a large cinematic screen. As shown this tweet posted on May 3, 2022 by one owner, this 17-inch display space is now swivel.

In the clip of about thirty seconds, we can see that the screen, placed in the center, can be oriented towards the driver or the passenger. The change from one angle to another is motorized, and goes through the interface of the infotainment system. A priori, all future Model S and all future Model X that will leave the factories will be equipped with this screen. The author of the video said he received his vehicle at the end of April.

A rotating screen in a car, what for?

From the very beginning, Tesla has been evolving the experience on board its 100% electric cars, both to offer a comfortable drive and to offer multiple means of entertainment when the vehicle is stationary (example: when must fill up the battery, a step that can last several tens of minutes). The fact of offering a pivoting screen is further proof of this desire to always go further, since it can improve the viewing experience by moving towards the person looking at the screen.

This may even be relevant when behind the wheel and driving, as a screen facing the cockpit gives better access to essential information, thanks to a more optimal viewing angle. It should also be noted that some manufacturers direct their fixed screen towards the driver. This is for example the case of Peugeot. At least Tesla’s solution offers choice.

The driving position of the Peugeot 208
The driving position of the Peugeot 208 // Source: Peugeot

This swivel screen was indeed a feature promised when Tesla made the new Model S and the new Model X official, but which never appeared until today. In an article published in May 2021, Drive Tesla Canada indicated that all mentions about it have been removed from the official site – which foreshadowed a abandonment of the option. But a disassembly video published in February 2022 cast doubt on people’s minds: we see that the screen has always been equipped to be adjustable, except that a motor was missing for the functionality to work. Would Tesla have suffered a shortage of this key component?

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