the High Authority for Health is in favor of reimbursement of tests

published on Monday, July 25, 2022 at 2:20 p.m.

These tests, in particular PCR, must be specifically adapted to the virus responsible for monkey pox, explains the High Authority for Health. These are more specifically nucleic acid amplification tests.

The High Authority for Health ruled on Monday, July 25, for the reimbursement by the Health Insurance of the tests, in particular PCR, for the detection of the monkey pox virus, specifying that they should only intervene “in the event of persistent doubt after clinical examination”. This measure relates more specifically to nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT, a technique which includes PCR tests).

The HAS was seized by the Ministry of Health and made its decision “based on the latest available epidemiological datainternational recommendations and after hearing stakeholders,” according to a statement.

A test only for “suspect cases”

Emphasizing that the diagnosis is based primarily on the examination and questioning of the patient, the HAS specifies that “detection by NAAT test should therefore only be carried out in cases of doubt persistent after clinical examination” to “confirm or not” the infection.

“The use of this type of test is thus limited to ‘suspected cases’ and ‘possible cases’‘, as defined by Public Health France and is not necessary in the absence of symptoms”, continues this health authority. The tests “must be specifically adapted to the virus” and have performance “validated by the National Reference Center orthopoxviruses”, also warns the HAS.

“Depending on the clinical context and the type of lesions”, these tests are to be carried out by order of priority on “mucosal samplesskin samples or samples from the oropharyngeal sphere”, she also recommends. One or two samples are usually enough, also indicates the HAS in its opinion.

The highest level of alert triggered

And she insists on “the need to report the results of these tests as soon as possiblesince they impact in particular the maintenance or lifting of isolation”, explains the press release. Guest on LCI Monday morning, Pr Éric Caumes, infectious disease specialist at Hôtel-Dieu hospital (Paris), warned of the rise in cases of monkey pox in the country. We are dealing with an emerging disease outside its African cradle, he said. We are facing a new pandemic.”

Faced with this alarming situation, the boss of the World Health Organization has decided to trigger the highest level of health alert in an attempt to contain the outbreak of monkeypoxwhich first affects men who have sex with men, but warned strongly on Saturday against any stigmatization of the sick.

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