The Google Doodle celebrates the 77th National Day of Vietnam

With the image of the mythical bird Lake in flight, bronze drums by Dông Son, the Google Doodle celebrates Friday, September 2, the 77e Vietnam National Day (September 2, 1945 – 2022).

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Picture of the mythical bird Lac en vol from the Dong Son Bronze Drums on Google Doodle, September 2.

Photo: CTV/CVN

The Vietnamese homepage of the world’s number one search engine Google today features a doodle of “Chem Lake”a mythical Vietnamese national bird, to mark the 77e National holiday of the country (September 2)

Chim Lake most closely resembles the crane with its long beak and can be found as intricate decorations on Dong Son’s traditional bronze drums, the world’s number one search engine explained.

In 1945, Vietnam’s Declaration of Independence was read aloud to the public, officially recognizing Vietnam as a sovereign nation, Google said.

Citizens are given a day off and red and yellow streamers line the streets to mark the holiday, he said, adding that the Vietnamese national flag is displayed at every corner of the country.

A Google Doodle is a special, temporary modification of the logo on Google’s home pages intended to commemorate notable holidays, events, achievements, and historical figures of certain countries.

A Google Doodle, or simply Doodle, is a special, temporary modification of the Google logo featured for a day on the company’s search engine homepage.

They are created to celebrate particular events such as national holidays, birthdays of illustrious people or other events such as the Olympic Games.

A Doodle usually appears on a single day but, more rarely, Doodles can form a series over several days in a row. Depending on the considered scope of the event, the Google Doodles are visible either simultaneously in a large number of countries or in a specific country.



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