the Gigafactory Berlin is ramping up and it’s good for you

According to a report by German media Tesla Mag, the Gigafactory in Berlin would have reached a weekly production of 1,900 Model Ys. It would only be a matter of weeks before Tesla reached 2,000 vehicles.

tesla factory
Photo of the Berlin Gigafactory // Source: Tesla

Today, the Berlin Gigafactory focuses exclusively on the production of the Tesla Model Y Performance. Initially, the weekly volumes did not reach the peaks, the time to break in and optimize the production lines. But little by little, the Texan manufacturer is gradually gaining momentum.

According to a report published by Tesla Magazine, the German factory would be able to produce between 1,800 and 1,900 electric cars per week. A figure that should climb to 2,000 in the first days of September. In the idea, Tesla would then have doubled its production capacity since the opening of the site. What help the manufacturer to reach the 2 million electric cars produced per year.

A strategic factory

The Berlin industrial complex is highly strategic for Tesla, which aspires to expand considerably in Europe thanks to an efficient pied-à-terre. Above all, the Model Y should become the new Tesla Model 3 in terms of sales volumes, given the recent Propulsion version launched at a more than affordable price.

Indeed, this entry-level Model Y is simply less expensive than the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion. This price positioning leaves no room for doubt as to the intentions of the Texan manufacturer. That the focus is therefore on the production lines of the German factory is hardly surprising.

Tesla Model Y –  0x0-ModelY_01

Above all, it’s a safe bet that in the future – near or far, it’s still hard to say – the Gigafactory in Berlin will oversee the assembly of the Model Y Propulsion. The rumors according to which Tesla would have received new batteries BYD within its factory of beyond the Rhine go besides in this direction.

Towards shorter deadlines?

For the moment, the American group rather wishes to optimize and boost its current production lines. They also underwent an upgrade in July, which would explain in particular the higher rate of recent weeks. In short, Tesla is slowly but surely placing its pawns.

More intensive production would also reduce delivery times for European users. The closer and more productive the factory, the less distance there is to travel to the end customer and the less time between ordering and receiving the vehicle. It’s all just a matter of running in and time before the machine is perfectly oiled.

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