the first illustrations of the electric roadster have arrived!

MG Cyberster

Try MG Cyberster: the first illustrations of the electric roadster have arrived! ?

Configure your MG Cyberster vehicle: the first illustrations of the electric roadster have arrived! or request a free trial.

MG has the wind in its sails and intends to strengthen its image by reconnecting with the segment of small roadsters. The MG Cyberster is revealed today via patent filing images in China.

MG has already promised us for several years the return of a sports car. After teasing us with the e-Motion coupé in 2017, the Anglo-Chinese brand showed us the Cyberster roadster last year at the Shanghai show. This time seems to be the right one and the electric roadster will become reality in 2024. Thanks to the 3D illustrations resulting from a patent filing, we now have a fairly precise idea of ​​what this heir to the MG A, B, C will be like. , TF…

We find the outline of the concept, in less extreme, which was not too difficult since it forced the line in all areas. The wheels return to a more normal format, the hood is also more reasonable, the gaping mouth closes a little. At the rear, the inverted Union Jack lights compared to Mini are still present and are even more pronounced. Their shape is nevertheless stretched to accentuate the arrow effect, here in the right direction unlike the Mini precisely.

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While being electric, the new MG roadster will try to keep a certain simplicity with, for example, a canvas hood. The concept announced 800 km of autonomy and a 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds. The production version will certainly be more reasonable, which will also allow it to be more affordable. We can count on a range of between 500 and 600 km in the CLTC cycle (400/450 km WLTP probably) and an acceleration of around 5 seconds, which will already be more than enough.

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