The F-150 Lightning can charge Teslas and Ford promises it’s not for trolling

Ford has started deliveries of its electric pickup, the F-150 Lightning. A surprising accessory is part of the standard equipment of the vehicle: an adapter allowing the truck to recharge a Tesla.

Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Power Onboard 1

Article updated on June 9 : Jim Farley, Ford boss, clarified on Twitter that it was not ” troll“, but a useful accessory. A statement that could however be slightly ironic, given the low practical utility of the adapter in question.

The Ford F-150 Lightning pickup is one of the few electric cars to feature two-way charging. This means that it is possible to use the imposing battery of the F-150 to connect electrical devices such as computers, construction machinery but also, and why not, electric vehicles.

Out of battery? Call a Ford F-150 to the rescue!

Indeed, with an electric car, if you run out of battery, you cannot use a jerry can to get energy. There are therefore three solutions: either you call a tow truck, or you get towed or you ask another electric vehicle to come and recharge you. This is the use case that Ford thought of with its F-150 Lighning pickup.

The first buyers have indeed indicated that they have received, with the car, adapters allowing the battery of the F-150 to be used to recharge other vehicles. We thus find the J1772 adapter which is the universal connector for electric cars in the United States. More surprisingly, there is the adapter to connect the Ford F-150 to Tesla cars to recharge its latest thanks to the 131 kWh battery. Note that this is not the CCS adapter since in the United States, it is mostly not used. Instead, Tesla uses a proprietary connector.

It is not known for what precise reason this connector was delivered with the Ford F-150. It is indeed very unlikely that it will be really useful on a daily basis since it is very rare to come across a Tesla with a dead battery. Perhaps a nod from Ford.

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