The dengue virus “circulates” in a town near Toulouse: a mosquito control operation launched

In Haute-Garonne, in general, the cases of imported diseases are around 50 per year.
In Haute-Garonne, in general, the cases of imported diseases are around 50 per year. (©Illustration/Adobe stock)

The ever-increasing presence of mosquitoes in the Toulouse region has very concrete consequences. Of course, it ruins most of your summer evenings…

But there is something more serious…

“Suspicion of dengue fever”

In recent days there has indeed been talk of “suspicion of dengue fever” in Toulouse. As a result, the establishment of a mosquito control operation on the side of the rue de Metz overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Another town, located near Toulouse, is now in the same situation.

The dengue virus “circulates”

The town hall of Salvetat-Saint-Gilles indeed indicates “that the dengue virus is circulating in the municipality”.

Contacted, the municipality indicates to Toulouse News that she was alerted by the Regional Health Agency of the detection of an outbreak of dengue fever on its territory and that it is therefore now following the protocol provided for in this case.

This protocol will lead him to launch a mosquito control operation Thursday night 1er to Friday, September 2, between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

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A specific area

The residents concerned live in a very specific area located on avenue de Gascogne between the impasses of Genêts and Platanes.

“The principle of mosquito control covers a radius of 200 meters around the detected focus”, specifies the town hall which advises its citizens more broadly:

“It is imperative to protect yourself from bites by all necessary means: repellents, fans, long clothes… In the face of any symptom (sudden or moderate fever, joint pain or body aches, and/or rashes), consult your doctor quickly for the search for this virus.

7 cases in Toulouse in 2021

Dengue, Chikunguya, Zika… In 2021, cases of imported tropical diseases were very rare in Toulouse, because like everywhere in France, travel was limited due to the Covid-19 crisis. Jean-Sébastien Dehecq, sanitary engineer at the Occitanie Regional Health Agency, pointed out in the spring that only 7 cases had been identified, in Haute-Garonne, in 2021.

In general, the cases of imported diseases are around 50 per year in Haute-Garonne. In the Occitanie region, the figure can rise to 130 cases per year.

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