the Constitutional Court rejects the Sango cryptocurrency project

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In the Central African Republic, it is a blow for the government. The Constitutional Court rejects certain provisions of the Sango project launched by the Head of State last month. It is a cryptocurrency project that is supposed to attract investors to the country and follows the adoption of bitcoin as the national currency in April.

In its decision, the Constitutional Court finds the sale of Central African nationality contrary to the Constitution, as well as the transfer of land and natural resources, as provided for by the project and detailed on

A free zone

The Sango project, launched last month, provides for the creation of a free zone, without taxes, located on Monkey Island, opposite the capital, Bangui, on which palaces, casinos, a large stadium and a water park would see the light of day. .

In exchange, investors could obtain Central African nationality for 60,000 dollars, in cryptocurrency, the Court recalls, or land or natural resources.

Invest massively

Proponents of the project claim that it will bring in capital in the country and to invest massively in infrastructure, but for the Action Group of Civil Society Organizations for the Defense of the Constitution, this is a vast sellout that undermines the sovereignty of the State. The G-16 filed a petition with the Court.

Joined by RFI, Ben Wilson Ngassan, spokesperson for the G-16, is delighted with the cancellation of this project which goes against the interests of Central Africans.

What shocked us the most was the selling off of Central African nationality but also the selling off of our land. The lands of the Central African Republic belong to the Central African Republic.

Ben Wilson Ngassan, spokesperson for the G-16


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