the clash between Gerson and Tudor almost ended very badly

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Since Wednesday evening, it has been a moment of tension that has been in the news for OM. Gerson, the Brazilian midfielder for OM, got into a tangle with Igor Tudor during training during the Marseille camp on the other side of the Channel. An altercation quickly settled which could nevertheless have taken a more important turn.

Gerson has left the internship residence!

According to information from the team, the two men would have seriously clashed verbally in front of several players including Mattéo Guendouzi, to the point that Gerson would have made a final decision. “He wanted to take his things and leave,” reveals a witness. The daily even ensures that Gerson, furious, left the players’ residence for a time during this British internship.

It took the intervention of a hotel receptionist who alerted the Marseille delegation, which then intervened to bring Gerson to his senses before an impromptu crisis meeting smoothed over tensions. Since then, things seem to be back to normal, but the fact remains that the Tudor method is visibly cringe.

to summarize

We don’t know any more about the altercation that pitted Gerson against OM coach Igor Tudor. A clash that almost turned into a big separation. The team ensures that the Brazilian wanted to leave the OM camp immediately.

Julien Pedebos

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